Getting Started with the Yoli API for Web 🏃

The Yoli web application was developed with the Angular 6 framework. Thats why you will see examples working with Angular in this documentation. But of course it is also possible to use it with any other web development framework like React or Vue.js.

Setting up your Web Project

A new project for Angular 6 can easily be set up with the angular-cli.

At first glance, GraphQL looks like a proprietary solution for communication between server and client. However, as with common REST APIs, the API can be addressed via HTTP requests. For web we use the apollo graphql library for Angular apollo-angular. The apollo library does exist for other frameworks like React also.

Besides that we also use the lodash library for easier handling arrays, numbers, objects, strings, etc.

What's Next?

Next you may want to understand how you can use GraphQL in Web projects. We describe that on the next page.