Getting Started with the Yoli API for Android 🏃

This part of the documention focuses on platform specifics and code samples. We have already implemented the api communication into our own Apps and we want to share the collected knowledge.

The Yoli Android App was natively developed using Kotlin as the programming language. This is why the code samples in the following chapters are written in Kotlin and not in Java.

Setting up your Android Project

At first glance, GraphQL looks like a proprietary solution for communication between server and client. However, as with common REST APIs, the API can be addressed via HTTP requests. This is why we use a combination of the libraries OkHttp and Retrofit to send requests to the Yoli API, but any other HTTP library could do the same job.

What's Next?

Next you may want to understand how you can use GraphQL in Android projects. We describe that on the next page.