FAQ 👨‍💻

This page includes some frequently asked questions. This page is in building phase. Therefore when you can't find your questions just contact us.

General Questions

Who actually has the user data or where is the data stored?

The user data is stored encrypted in our cloud. Depending on the wishes and consent of the Yoli user, this data can be made available to the Yoli customer. To respect the data privacy of the Yoli user we provide only the specific data to the customer that is needed to run his serivce.

Will the user's transaction data be stored?

The user's transaction data will be stored until the user deletes his account. The stored transaction history of a new user lasts at most three years in the past.

How long will the data of the users be stored?

The user data is stored until the user deletes his account.

If a cooperation should end sometime - what happens then with the users and their data?

The Yoli customer can decide for himself what to do with the data. He may cause the data to be deleted or transmitted to himself if the user has aggreed to the transmission.

You have another general question?

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Technical Questions

When I request with HTTP method GET I get not the response I expected.

Our Yoli API accepts the HTTP method POST for every query and mutation. Just use POST to be sure that everything works as expected. That's because our GraphQL API works a little bit different to common REST APIs.

The API seems to be not available actually - why?

Since https://app.dev.yoli.ai/next/graphql is our development environment it is not stable. But it's therefore also good for testing against the API and trying things out. When you need access to the stable environment just contact us.

You have another technical question?

Contact us at fino@fino.digital