Documents 📄

Yoli allows users to manage their documents online. They can either automatically import them for online portals (i.e. from Telekom or Amazon) or manually upload them themselves.

They can also be connected to contracts and transactions to be able to easily navigate their financial life.

Adding a Document

Document upload is not handled via GraphQL, but with a simple post form-data request to /next/uploadDocument with the key of file being document.

Don't forget the authorization header!

This will respond with a JSON string.

  "id": "<document id>"

Downloading a Document

Downloading a document is as simple as sending a simple get request to /next/downloadDocument/{documentId}.

Don't forget to set the authorization header!

Customizing a Document

You can customize the various fields of a document with the customizeDocument mutation.

mutation {
  customizeDocument(id: "<document id>", customName: "hello world!")

Deleting a Document

You can delete a document by simply calling the deleteDocument mutation with the documents' id.

mutation {
  deleteDocument(id: "<document id>")