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Contracts 📃

Contracts are at the heart of Yoli. They are (hopefully) automatically found when adding bank accounts and even updated after that.

They also interact with many systems in Yoli, for example a lot of fields in the User depend on them and the savings when changing contracts are based on them.

Customizing a Contract

You can customize the properties of a contract to add additional information, or to fix incorrectly guessed fields. This can be achieved done using the editContract mutation.

mutation {
  editContact(contractid: "<contract id>", input: {
    customName: "Regenbogenmiete"

Manually Add Contract

If a contract wasn't automatically found by Yoli, you can also manually add it using the addContract mutation.

mutation {
  addContract(input: {customName: "Regenbogenmiete", customInterval: "MONTHLY", customAmount: 420000000}) {

Deleting a Contract

Since actually deleting a contract would just cause it to be found again on the next analysis of the account, contract should rather be hidden than deleted most of the time. Hiding them causes them to be ignored by the api, except when explicitly asked to not be.

You can hide contracts with the customizeContract mutation.

mutation {
  customizeContract(contractid: "<contract id>", hidden: true)