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Contract Changes 📑

You can receive information about all contract changes of users of your brand using the /next/contractChanges endpoint.


To authenticate against this endpoint you need to set a few headers.

  • yoli-brand: Identifies your brand
  • yoli-brand-authorization: API-key handed out to you in advance


The response you will receive will contain an array of contract changes:

        "id": 23192913, // unique id of the contract change
        "userId": "5c1ce67a3e359338580d2d1d", // id of the user that changed contract
        "offerType": "phonePlan", // gas, electricity, dsl, phonePlan, phoneBundle -- identifies what type of contact was changes
        "confirmedDate": "2018-12-12T00:00:00.000Z" // when the change was confirmed