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Yoli takes care of the bank accounts, contracts and documents of the user - daily, forward-thinking and action-oriented.

The user connects his bank accounts with Yoli, whereby Yoli uses a payment stream analysis to automatically detect the user's contracts and subscriptions. In addition, various Smart Actions such as switching or canceling contracts are offered by best-case partners.

Furthermore the user has the possibility to connect the online portals of his contract partners to automatically import his contract documents into Yoli, which considerably simplifies the contract management of the customer. Yoli detects life-changing moments in every phase of life, enabling customer-oriented product placement at the right time via the smart feed.

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What to Expect ⭐️

The Yoli API provides access to Yoli's complete feature set. This includes the handling of bank accounts, contracts and smart alerts. Individual bank accounts can be hidden or entire accesses can be removed to adapt the considered information to the specific needs of each Yoli API user. When connecting bank accounts, contracts are automatically detected and various meta information about the users financial situation can be derived from them. Contracts can be customized and extended by the user of the Yoli API. Our providers Verivox and ComAds can be leveraged to compare contract offers and switch contracts.

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API Access

To get access to the Yoli API just contact us. We will provide you an access asap.

About Us

Yoli is a product of fino run GmbH. fino is a specialist in the fintech sector and works with more than 300 banks in Germany. All products use the highest security standards to ensure the security of customer data. The application servers are located in an ISO-27001 certified data center in Germany. Data storage and data processing takes place exclusively in the European Union.

We Use GraphQL 🎉

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GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with our existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in our API, giving the Yoli API clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more.

GraphQL is convenient and very easy to learn. The query language is similar to JSON and basicly describes what data is expected in the response. The response itself is common JSON.

Ask for What You Need

Send a GraphQL query to the Yoli API and get exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. Our GraphQL queries always return predictable results. Clients using our GraphQL API are fast and stable because they control the data they get, not the server.

Example query that you send to the Yoli API.

  searchBanks(search: "fino Bank") {

Response from the Yoli API containing exactly what you need.

  "data": {
    "bankSearch": [
        "shortName": "fino Bank",
        "city": "Kassel"

Why Not REST?

The Yoli API is a powerful toolset that is used by many applications in various fields. The Yoli API is used for example in our Yoli iOS, Android and Web Apps - additionally as white label versions. In addition, several other applications use the Yoli API to integrate certain Yoli functionality into existing applications.

In order to optimally map these different application scenarios, we chose GraphQL as dynamic interface to the entire Yoli technology. With GraqhQL, the client has the power to decide what information is needed in each situation. In addition, cross-thinking requirements can be met.

In contrast, we would only offer predefined interfaces with REST, which would always have to be extended for different use cases. This is not necessary with GraphQL. Therefore, as a user of the Yoli API, you decide when to integrate which functionality.

More about GraphQL

Getting Started 🚀

To start with the Yoli API, we recommend that you read the introductory section. There, we provide a deeper insight into GraphQL. We also describe how the GraphiQL app works. It's a great way to learn GraphQL and better understand the Yoli API. The integrated API documentation makes it easy to get started with the Yoli API.

Questions and Support 👨‍💻

Do you have any questions or need further assistance in using the Yoli API? Please let us know.

If you can't find the desired information in our FAQ, a developer of the Yoli team will contact you to help you further.